Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"

The Risen Lord - SOLD

Written by the Committee:

Painted for the 2003 Pastoral Study Days held in London, ON at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. "Early in the planning stages of the study days the organizing committee envisioned a portrait of the Risen Christ to be the focus of our gathering. This difficult task was commissioned to a local artist, Dorothy dhunter Adams, a parishioner of St. George's Parish in London. Dorothy worked with members of the Liturgy Committee for these days, to create this image of the Risen Christ. In Dorothy's own words, "This was a very humbling experience for me." Dorothy hopes that as we refresh our hearts in Christ, the Risen Lord will be with us as we live and lead as sacramental people. Dorothy has donated her time and talent to produce this portrait.

We thank you Dorothy for your generosity."

Hanging now in St. George's Parish, Commissioners Rd., London

The Risen Lord  - SOLD