Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"

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Artist Statement:  "Paint something you love" - the principle guiding my brush. 

"The delicate and sometimes subtle way light and shadow plays with the nuances of the human face, and everything around, is the essence of my portraits, still life and landscapes.  Look around you, there is beauty everywhere, especially in the human face.  All faces are beautiful.

Working primarily from my photographic studies and sketches done on location, my preferred mediums are oils, watercolours and pencil, and have worked in acrylics and ink.  I love where painting takes me.  Whenever I want to relax, you will find me painting, sketching or reading.

When living in Chatham, a lovely city in Southern Ontario, I was presented my first set of Winsor Newton paints at the age of seven.  The metal palette cups that came with that set I still use, and some of the small zinc tubes are still pliable.  

Being a member of several art organizations, local and regional, and being exposed to the talent of gifted instructors, I will never stop learning."      Dorothy (d. hunter) Adams


"Her realistic style has a gentle approach, coupled with an inspired ability to see and share joy.  Dorothy captures the character of the subject and the spirit of the moment, with palettes chosen from close artistic observation.  Because she paints from the heart, each painting is a generous gift, sharing the tender subleties and intuitive understanding of her subjects with the viewer.  Her desire for sensitivity and perfection results in evocative, respectful and warm images."    K. Leroux






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