Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"
Ten Commandments before framed   Dorothy dhunter Adams   SOLD
Long-eared bunny -  card   Dorothy dhunter Adams  NEEDS DESCRIPTION Abbey Ste Hilaire - France Topsy Turvey - 8 DOLLS IN A ROW
2004 White-Throated Sparrow Chablis & Wine Glasses   Dorothy dhunter Adams   SOLD
Book - Watercolour Memories - Seasons of My ChildhoodOriginal Paintings for CardsStill Life
Ville d'Este   Dorothy dhunter Adams IMG 8043 Welcome Home   Dorothy dhunter Adams IMG 1810 Vanessa's Charlie   Dorothy d.hunter Adams SOLD
Motivated Mothers  - Women of Kenya  SOLD 1990 Cold Springs Farm 1990 Mural - Detail
The ArtistSERIES - Water For The ChildrenAcrylic
Memories of Lake Louise   Montage   Dorothy dhunter Adams   SOLD Sanctuary Four - Flagstone Path off Deck The Artist Painting - Cortona Italy
Murals & MontagesMy Garden SanctuaryPhotographs