Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"


Oh Dorothy! I can't believe I'd never landed on your website until now. My cheeks and eyelashes are wet from discovering your vast collection of works combined with their intimate descriptions of everyone and everything you love. So SO many adore you for your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your genuine spirit and your generous soul. How blessed are we to call you family. Your selfless living is a model for all who aspire to a life of gratitude, peace, respect, and love. I love you, Dorothy.❤️
Laurel Karry - 28 Mar 2023
Hi Dorothy! I want to congratulate you on your new book. I was a member of the Brush and Palette Club for a few years before moving here to Vancouver Island in 2004 and I certainly remember you and your beautiful artwork. Please give my best to any members who might still remember me. Congratulations again! Shirley
Shirley Bellows - 26 Sep 2015
Grest venue to display your work! Love it all!
Kathy Moore - 2 Mar 2012
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