Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"

My Story


Artist Statement:

"Splashed on my canvas are memories - memories of sea treasures given up to the sand, of the diamond sea spray of waves at Hillsboro Beach, the softness of a flower, a cheery chickadee or a mischievous pup, the heart-wrenching sadness in the eyes of an African child.  My heart is there.  Painting is a celebration of life, a beautiful and generous blessing from God who guides my every brushstroke.

Many of my portraits and paintings are commissions.  In the Africa paintings, the vulnerable beauty of the East African children touch deep in my heart and are significant because the entire proceeds from the sale of these African paintings go directly to water projects of these people through The Water School.

How these African paintings came about:

I met Bob Dell, a friend of my husband, at a political fundraiser and we discussed our mutual fondness for Africa; mine being a pen pal from Transvaal South Africa I had as a child, and his volunteering his time with Compassion Canada, and now The Water School.  He visited Africa at least three times a year to help with their water systems to eradicate water-borne disease including dysentery, typhoid and regular outbreaks of cholera.  While in Africa, he had taken many photos of the beautiful people, especially the children.  As I am always looking for new images to paint, I told him I would love to see some of his photos of the African children and maybe paint them. He gave me a few CDs of his images.

Of the magnificent images he captured, what caught my eye most was their vulnerability - it shows in their eyes and it speaks to one's soul.  He gave me permission to draw/paint these children.  What amazed me, he knew each of the children by name and supplied me with a short narrative of each child I painted.

Commissioned paintings are a welcome and a wonderful memory for that special someone of a moment in time - a vacation retreat, an escape to their favourite getaway, a roadside picnic or a childhood memory.  Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss any idea you may have.

I hope you enjoy all my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them... and come back soon for a visit.

Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams


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