Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"

Velvet Evening Bag Dorothy dhunter Adams sold

A funny situation prompted this illustration used as ‘thank you’ cards. Don and I attended a Christmas event hosted by the law firm Don used in his H.R. business. When leaving at evening’s end Claire retrieved my coat for me and after I put it on, I looked for my purse. Where did I set it down? Clare and I exhausted our search looking everywhere, until I realized I hung my pretty little black velvet purse on my left shoulder after removing my coat so my purse was still on my shoulder, but now under my coat. Hilarious and we both had a good chuckle but it seemed appropriate to send a thank you card illustratin my black velvet purse as a memory of the evening. Another card was sent as well illustrated with a bottle of wine and a wineglass.

Velvet Evening Bag   Dorothy dhunter Adams   sold