Dorothy (d.hunter) Adams
"Paint What You Love"

Protecting My Grandchildren Dorothy dhunter Adams

This watercolour painting was done and now is owned byTyler.

The motivation for the painting was from an old classical painting I loved as a child, of a Guardian Angel watching over a boy and a girl as they cross over a broken wooden bridge. In researching, it is unclear who the original artist is, possibly H. Zabeteri (Pseudonums – P.Ronsard, J. Bernard, Hans Zatszka), an Austrian artist painted it. Another name referred to - Lindberg Heiliger Schutzengel that meant Guardian Angel in German. Uncertain of this data.

In my interpretation of the painting, the Guardian Angel is helping three children over the broken bridge that spans a deep crevice in the rocks. The three children represent my Grandchildren, Tyler, Kala and Dane and I had three copies made of the painting to give to Kala and Dane, keeping one myself.

Protecting My Grandchildren   Dorothy dhunter Adams